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All About Anston

Who is Anston and why Simple Cooking?

Hey Guys!! My name is Anston. I am of Sri Lankan heritage, born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates and moved to Sydney, Australia in 2010. My love for baking and cooking has been there with me, as far back as my memory can take me. I have always been adventurous with food since I was a baby - at least that is what my parents told me. So after arriving in Australia, I started my exploration of baking and cooking, which took me on to The Great Australian Bake Off and placed me in Top 6, what a journey it was !

Over the past 10 years, my cooking and baking style evolved. It took inspiration from Sri Lankan, Arabic and Australian cooking and developed into this amalgamation of flavours, that when eaten, took you on this special journey of exploration. I believe that cooking needs to be enjoyable, and you do not have to go out to eat a gourmet meal.

Let's be honest - cooking can be tedious, and sometimes half way through you start questioning yourself and thinking is this done right? does it actually take this long? and there goes your whole night or Sunday morning cooking. So you resort to just going out or ordering in. I used to be like that and realised that I just needed to find my own style of cooking with simple ingredients and be able to make something gourmet at home! This is why I wanted to start this website and share my love for not just simple, but simple gourmet cooking with you all !!  

I hope you all enjoy my recipes and the stories behind it. I hope it inspires you to find your own style and not compare yourselves to others. Enjoy the art of cooking - your art of cooking. 

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